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Injury Management

Meeting Your Standards of Care

RediMed provides proactive measures for health and well-being, as well as restorative therapy following unforeseen incidents, and aids individuals, families, and organisations in such circumstances.  

Our team of committed specialists, physicians, and allied health professionals guarantees the implementation of exceptional patient care, from initial diagnosis to treatment and recovery. 

We offer a comprehensive service that encompasses the entire Perth Metropolitan area, aimed at facilitating a complete return to optimal health. 

Surgical Expertise

RediMed can offer a comprehensive array of medical services within our clinic thanks to our extensive experience across various surgical disciplines. Our team comprises of a diverse group of exceptionally qualified surgeons who deliver unmatched medical attention to all individuals. 

RediMed’s specialists include experts in Plastic, Reconstructive, Neurological, and Orthopaedic surgery, among others. We are granted priority access to Joondalup Health Campus, SJOG Mt Lawley, Murdoch & Subiaco, Park Private Hospital, Glengarry Private Hospital, and Bethesda Health Care.  

Hand Therapy

RediMed’s Hand and Upper Limb Unit contains a dynamic group of occupational therapists with specialised knowledge in hand and upper limb therapy. They can assess and diagnose the patient’s condition to determine the best course of treatment.

Our therapists collaborate with renowned Hand, Plastic, and Orthopaedic surgeons in Western Australia, as well as with your personal general practitioner or insurer, to provide exceptional medical care to our patients and clients.  

Exercise Rehabilitation

RediMed offers a comprehensive and varied exercise rehabilitation service designed to enhance your functional capability following an injury. Our services include in-clinic exercise rehabilitation, mobile exercise rehabilitation, and hydrotherapy.  


Our physiotherapists collaborate with orthopaedic surgeons, occupational physicians and general practitioners to deliver superior medical care.  

They also provide education and advice on how to manage a pre-existing condition, prevent further injury, and maintain good health, particularly in a work setting.  

RediMed’s physiotherapists can coordinate activity modification and coordination of duties through our early intervention programs, liaising closely with injury managers and health and safety teams. 

Telehealth Consultations

Our telehealth services provide patients with access to medical advice and treatment from anywhere in the world. Patients can consult with our medical practitioners and allied health providers via video conferencing or phone. 

24/7 Urgent Care

We offer 24/7 urgent care services for patients who require immediate but not life-threatening medical attention. 

Occupational Health Management

RediMed’s best-in-class expertise and innovation in workplace health management services drives superior outcomes for your employees. 

We are committed to delivering high quality, comprehensive occupational health support ensuring you achieve ongoing improvements and greater efficiencies in the management of employee health and wellbeing.