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A Healthy Workforce is a Happy, Productive Workforce

RediMed is an independent provider of medical services that focuses on pre-employment medical check-ups and the management of work-related injuries.

Our team consists of medical professionals who are experts in the field of occupational health and safety, and who utilise innovative techniques and strategies to deliver superior outcomes for our clients.

We are committed to providing a high-quality and comprehensive service to our clients. This means that we not only conduct thorough pre-employment medical assessments to ensure that candidates are physically and mentally fit for specific job roles, but we also provide ongoing support and advice to employers regarding injury prevention and management.


Pre-employment medical assessments are vital to ensure that new employees are fit and capable of fulfilling their duties before they join an employer.

These exams ensure candidates’ health, physical and mental fitness for specific job roles, which will minimise workplace accidents and risks.

RediMed conducts it’s pre-employment medical services efficiently and accurately.

Health Surveillance

RediMed offers a suite of services that allow for proactive medical assessment and interventions to safeguard employees and businesses.

Monitoring the workforce to ensure ongoing health and safety outcomes is critical in the modern workplace, especially in hazardous fields such as mining or construction.

Fitness for Work Assessment

Ensure your new candidate is the perfect fit for the role with RediMed’s Fitness for Work Assessment. Before you hire someone for a role that is physically demanding or which takes place in a challenging environment, make sure that nothing is going to stand in their way.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s current physical capacity or, if they have previously sustained an injury, a professional opinion on the impact the injury may or may not have on their performance now and in the future.

Workplace Vaccinations

Company-wide vaccination drives are an effective way for your business to gain herd immunity leading up to flu season or at any point of the year when an outbreak of a preventable disease occurs. RediMed can help you mitigate losses through sick leave en-masse.