Health Screening

REDIMED’s comprehensive pre-employment medicals allow employers to ensure their candidate has the required physical capacity to perform their job safely.

Our pre-employment medicals are performed and assessed by REDIMED’s Medical Practitioners and Exercise Physiologists who specialise in occupational medicine, injury screening, prevention and rehabilitation.

REDIMED’s tailored health screening services include:

  • Role, task & site specific pre-employment medicals
  • Functional capacity & musculoskeletal assessments
  • Drug & alcohol screening
  • Audiology & spirometry
  • Health surveillance
  • Mental health & lifestyle questionnaires
  • A range of specific assessments including Rail-cat & commercial vehicle assessments

To download our Commercial Health Screening Brochure click here

Pre-employment Medicals & Functional Assessments

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Health Screening and Wellness

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Health Screening and Wellness

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Health Screening and Wellness

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