Staff Spotlight – Asha Taylor

Asha Taylor, Customer Service Officer

How long have you worked at Redimed?
Since February 2018

How did you hear about Redimed?!

What is your role?
Customer Service Officer (the Voice of Redimed!) I speak to most incoming callers and assist in their inquiries.

What does an average day look like for you?
On average I would receive and direct 110 calls per day. The most I have received in a single day was 190 calls!

Call are generally divided in to four categories: new patients with referrals to Redimed; companies looking to book pre-employment medicals; representatives checking on scheduling of specialist appointments; and Work Cover patients checking and rescheduling appointments.

What appeals to you about your role?
I have always worked in medical industry in different service roles. I love the variety of services Redimed offers and being able to speak to and share information with a range of different people.

Which clinic do you work at?

Where did you work before Redimed?
I was Practice Manager at Hollywood Village Medical Centre for seven years.

What is a great Redimed service, product, person or offering that clients don’t know about, but really should?
Mole Patrol laser treatment. It is incredible how this treatment can remove moles and abnormalities with limited scarring. It is a breakthrough technology and even better – it is all bulk billed! Rachael Chu at our Bibra Lake clinic has all the information.

Favourite sports team?
I am a massive Formula 1 fan! In March this year I went to Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix.
As luck would have it, I boarded the same plane home with Daniel Riccardo! Such an amazing opportunity to meet one of my idols and was so stoked with how down to Earth and normal he was. His Luis Vuitton backpack and gold Nike sneakers gave it away though!

When you are not at Redimed, you’re…
Playing golf or organizing a trip to Bali to enjoy cocktails by the pool.

What would you do if you won the Lottery?
I would travel the world playing golf. Amazingly, my dad actually won the lotto many years ago with a win of $2.5 million! True story.