Low Wait at Bibra Lake

Compared to other skin clinics where patients can be waiting between six and up to 12 months to see a doctor for a first appointment, Mole Patrol Bibra Lake boasts one of the lowest wait times in the industry.

“We are proud to be able to ensure patients are able to see a doctor for a first appointment so soon,” Bibra Lake clinic manager Rachael Chu said.

“Now is a great time to get checked too. Don’t put a skin check off until summer, get checked now and have peace of mind going in to the warmer months.”

Mole Patrol first opened its doors in January 2018 to service a growing number of clients and businesses in the area.

Ms Chu said the clinic has grown quickly during in such a short space of time.

“Mole Patrol has been open for 18 months now and we are very excited to have three new doctors join us,” Ms Chu said.

“Dr Kee Lee Tan, Dr Wang Jet Yee and Dr Bryan Low are now seeing patients at Mole Patrol’s Bibra Lake clinic and will also be out and about in the mobile clinic.”

Key to Mole Patrol’s leading-edge offering is its Harmony XL Pro laser, which can treat a range of skin conditions including varicose and spider veins, hyperpigmentation, tone, texture and skin rejuvenation.

“Our aim is to be a holistic skin care clinic,” Ms Chu said.

In February Redimed joined Mole Patrol at Bibra Lake, supporting and expanding the clinics offering and providing an even greater variety of services to patients in the area.

“We have all the services you have come to expect, bar a physiotherapist. You can see come and see our plastics and hand surgeons, and we have doctors that can see non-emergency injuries. Workers can come in with a work-related problem and we can send them off for a scan,” Ms Chu said.

“It has become more convenient. We now have a doctor that can provide all of the services clients know and love 5 days a week.”

Wait times at Redimed are also very low compared to industry standards and can provide a wide range of services quickly – a medical ‘one-stop-shop’.

“All our doctors are trained in basic surgery which is a major advantage of our clinic. For example, recently we had a man who came in who had cut his finger. One of our doctors saw him straight away and stitched him up.”

“We can offer peace of mind. Fortunately, it is often minor and easily remedied, but the worker is shaken, and the manager is scared for worker’s wellbeing and safety.”