Injury Management

Medical Practitioners

REDIMED’s comprehensive medical services deliver a coordinated approach to injury treatment and allow for early intervention and fast access to medical care.

Our team of Surgical Specialists, Medical and General Practitioners provide our patients the highest standards of medical care. With experience and expertise of working within the Workers' Compensation guidelines, we work closely with our clients to learn and understand your organisation’s specific requirements in prescribing alternative duties.

REDIMED's Doctors play a vital role in the injury management process, including:

  • Providing a clear diagnosis, follow-up and coordination of medical treatment
  • Providing a qualified opinion regarding causation of the injury and the relationship between job roles
  • Liaising with the insurance case manager and employer to facilitate the return to work
  • Timely referrals to vocational rehabilitation
  • Reporting specified industrial diseases to WorkSafe
  • Issuing WorkCover Certificates of Capacity following each appointment
  • Completing medical case conferences with the injured worker, employer and relevant stakeholders either face to face or via TeleHealth
  • Reviewing and assessing job descriptions to gain a full understanding of the pre-injury role and availability of light duties
  • Understanding the importance of certifying patients fit for work following injuries
  • High level of knowledge and experience in managing and dealing with workers’ compensation matters