Injury Management

Fitness for Work Assessments


REDIMED’s Fitness for Work Assessments are comprehensive assessments that determine a worker’s capacity to return to work following a work or non-work related injury or illness.

The assessment includes a consultation with a REDIMED medical practitioner to review the history of the injury, medical reports and/or scans, and any other relevant medical history to provide their opinion regarding the patient’s fitness for work. A detailed report is provided back to the requesting client within 3 business days.

An injury specific or job specific functional capacity assessment, which provides information regarding the status of the worker’s injury to the physical demands of their occupation can also be requested with the medical review. The treating medical practitioner will then use this assessment as a guide in providing their opinion regarding capacity.

If a more specialised opinion is required, a fitness for work appointment can be scheduled with an Occupational Physician.

For further information regarding these assessments please contact or call 08 9230 0900