Workplace drug & alcohol testing: 4 things you need to know

Workplace drug & alcohol testingAs the resources capital of Australia, most WA-based mining and oil & gas organisations are no stranger to drug and alcohol testing with the majority taking a zero tolerance approach. However, in recent years, a number of other industries have followed suit, seeking to introduce their own policies to ensure the health and safety of their employees remains the highest priority.

It is absolutely essential for employers to understand their state laws and the laws specific to their industry. However, with workplace drug testing becoming increasingly common, we’ve put together a few dot points for your consideration when dealing with testing.

1. Know which test you need to use

Drug and alcohol screenings can be conducted through different methods such as breathalysers, saliva tests, or urine tests. Some tests can be conducted on the spot and other may need to be conducted by a certified lab.

2. Put a solid policy in place

Having a formal policy in place can help ensure both your management team and your workers understand what behaviours are expected of them and the processes they need to follow.

3. Be mindful of privacy

Many employees can feel opposed to drug and alcohol screening due to privacy grounds. It’s important you ensure all screens are conducted ethically, and in accordance with your policy. Your testing process should also be sensitive to any cultural differences.

4. Have a framework for managing positive tests

If an employee tests positive for alcohol or drugs your management team need to know what they should do next. Each situation can be different, so a flexible framework and the right training means the appropriate action can be taken depending on the circumstances.

Here at REDIMED we offer a wide range of drug and alcohol screening services to help ensure the safety of your workers, including:

  • On-site testing
  • Breathalyser testing
  • Lab drug and alcohol screening
  • GCMS / LCMS confirmatory testing
  • Synthetic cannabinoids
  • Weld fumes / heavy metal testing
  • Saliva testing

For more information regarding these services, please visit our website. If you would like to enquire about our services, please feel free to contact a member of the REDIMED team here.