Fit for the job: 5 ways to stay active in the office


Evolution was doing just fine until we invented the office! Research now shows our sedentary lifestyle is leading to all sorts of health problems. It even has a name – ‘sitting disease’.

At the very least, hunching over a desk for eight or more hours can make us feel fatigued, unproductive, and more prone to clicking that article link to ‘Football’s Hottest Wives’.

The good news is it’s easy to improve personal health while maintaining your busy work schedule. Here are 5 ways to stay fit and firing in the office.

1. Become a Wanderer

Need to email your co-worker? Why let your fingers do the walking when you’ve got two perfectly good legs? Peel yourself off the vinyl and give them the message in person – a quick two-minute stroll can literally save your life by helping keep your brain and body active. Those who replace sitting times with light-intensity activity (such as a short walk) will “lower their risk of premature death by about 33 percent” according to Lisa Evans, Entrepreneur.

2. Become a Drinker

We’re talking water here (you can put away that hip flask!). Although, staying hydrated really is a heck of a drug, boosting your productivity by keeping you refreshed, alert and energised throughout the day. And if you want to get really h2o healthy, try infusing it with some fruit or vegetables for added energy. These great recipes from Shape will get your ideas flowing!

3. Become a Stair Master

Were you aware that it’s possible for elevator cables to snap mid ride? Just saying… Play it safe by taking the stairs to your desk! By lifting your heart rate, strengthening your thighs and burning calories, stair climbing could save your life in more ways than one. Set yourself goals and fire up your competitive streak by challenging colleagues to a stair comp – first to 100 flights wins!

4. Become a Deskerciser

Traditional office desks force us to sit down and hunch over a computer all day long – no wonder we can’t stand them (literally)! Ask your boss about the possibility of swapping yours for a “sit-stand” desk that can be adjusted so you can work whilst on your feet. Standing might not seem like exercise, but it really can help you shed the kilos and improve your posture. Check out this sit-stand desk from Ikea.

5. Become a Loo-stalker

Loo breaks are legitimate time wasters. Make the most of them by bypassing the closest cubicles and setting off on a toilet trek! You’ll add some much needed steps to your day, guilt free. And who knows what gloriously luscious 8-ply paper they’re being treated to on the first floor? 

Time to put it into practice!

Now you know how to go from lazy to health-crazy, you’re well on your way to being fit for the job in every sense of the word. But we’re just scraping the surface – there are so many ways you can find 30 in your workplace.

Make it a daily habit and you’ll find new ways to fade your chair-dependency for good!