Blood Donation

Blood Donation

1 in 3 people will need blood at some point in their life. It could be someone in your family, a friend or someone you work with. Unfortunately, only 1 in 30 people donate their blood every year.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service are encouraging everyone who is eligible to step up and be a blood donor. Becoming a blood donor is easy.

Simply check your eligibility here or book an appointment here, and show up on the day ready to make a difference. Donating only takes 15 minutes and you get a drink and snack afterwards.

Donated blood is used in a variety of lifesaving ways:

  • 34% of donor blood helps patients with cancer or blood diseases
  • 19% helps treat the causes of anaemia in patients
  • 18% is used to help burns patients and surgical patients undergoing open heart surgery
  • 13% of donated blood will save people suffering from heart, stomach or kidney problems
  • 10% will go to helping those suffering from fractures or undergoing joint replacement surgery
  • 4% of donor blood will be used in obstetrics, helping pregnant mothers, new mothers and saving young children
  • 2% is used in trauma cases including road accidents

Donating blood is a way of saving someone’s life. REDIMED have started a blood donor team in March this year. Since then, we have donated 19 times and everyone donated again in the month of June for National Blood Donor Week. This means we have potentially saved 57 lives.

We invite you to join us and save some lives by starting a donation group at your work, sports or community group. Sign up on the RED25 website today.